Men's Fitness Classes

Personal Training & Fitness Coaching

The Vibes Center offers both fitness and exercise classes designed exclusively for men. Our goal is to help men of all ages and fitness levels achieve their health and wellness goals through a diverse range of classes including strength training, cardio workouts, functional fitness and more.  Our instructors create a motivating environment that help and support men looking to build strength, improve endurance and lead healthier, active lives.

Join us on a journey to become your strongest and fittest self!

daytimeinstructorclass typestudio
sunday9:45 amMerylBootcampThis power packed full body interval style workout combines cardiovascular moves and drills with strength training. Options for all levels!b
sunday10:15 amHeidiBarre PilatesTarget each and every muscle group with dynamic strength moves, isometric holds, and deep muscle work. Core and flexibility exercises complete this workout.a
sunday11:15 amFeigyIsraeli DanceThis inspiring fun-filled dance class will leave you feeling sweaty, energetic, and invigorated!a
sunday11:15 amHeidiYoga FlowStrengthen your mind, body, and soul as you flow through a series of yoga poses, drawing on the breath as your inner source of power. All levels.c
monday9:30 amJennyMetabolic StrengthImprove your strength and endurance in this full body workout that targets upper body, lower body, and core.a
monday9:30 pmAmyBalls, Bands and more! Interval training to the max! Balls, bands, and other
equipment will sculpt your body and build muscle (45 minutes).
monday10:30 amFeigyIsraeli Dancea
monday10:45 amEllenZumbaChallenge your core and burn calories while grooving to the beat in this exhilarating dance inspired workout.b
monday12:30 pmJennyBarre Pilatesa
tuesday9:30 amJoyPilates FusionA mat Pilates workout fused with dance moves. Strengthen your core while working every muscle group. A flexibility segment at the end will leave you feeling refreshed!b
tuesday10:00 amFrummyPower HourYou will never get bored with this powerful workout! Each class will incorporate a different format which will keep you energized and fit!a
tuesday10:00 amRivkaYoga Flowc
tuesday10:30 amJoyKick FitPunch and Kick your way to fitness in this martial arts inspired workout. Feel the cardio burn while targeting every muscle group.b
tuesday11:00 amFeigyIsraeli Dancea
tuesday8:00 pmSarahVinyasa YogaThis class is designed to transition students towards more dynamic yoga. Focus is on fundamental yoga conditioning, strength, and flexibility. All levels. Prior yoga experience is helpful.c
tuesday8:30 pmShaynaPunchbag Kickbox
This class combines martial arts techniques with fast paced cardio. Use of the punch bags will build stamina, improve coordination and flexibility, and build lean muscle.
wednesday9:30 amAriellaZumbaa
wednesday9:45 amHennyCardio Dance FusionThis fun-filled cardio dance class combines various types of
dance for a great workout (45 minutes).
wednesday10:30 amJennyPilatesThis mat based class promotes core strength, stability, and flexibility with an emphasis on position and body alignment.a
wednesday10:30 amAmyTotal Body ConditioningWork your total body, muscles, and heart with a focus on strength training. You will leave this class feeling strong and powerful!b
thursday9:30 amEllen20/20/20This exciting full body workout includes 20 minutes of three fun formats: Zumba, body sculpting and Pilates.b
thursday10:00 amTziriEmbodied Yoga & MeditationThis unique yoga experience focuses on breath, becoming centered throughout every muscle in your body, flow, movement, and breathing. Calming meditation completes this relaxing experience. All levels.c
thursday10:15 amFeigyIsraeli Dancea
thursday10:30 amTiffanyStep and SculptBuild strength and burn body fat with this total body workout that combines basic step choreography with weights and your own body weight.b
friday9:30 amAriellaZumbab
friday9:45 amJennyHiit (75 min)This challenging class combines high energy intervals of cardio kickboxing and strengthening exercises for upper and lower body conditioning.a
friday10:00 amDevorahPower YogaYoga flow incorporating strengthening and stretching.c
friday10:45 amFrummyPower Hourb