The Vibes Center is on a mission to provide safe, welcoming, and Kosher outlet for the Heimishe Jewish Community.

Our Values


We pride ourselves on strict safety procedures to keep our guests safe. All children must be accompanied by a chaperone. Our designated hours are rigorously enforced and a keycard system is in place to ensure that we have full control over the facility.


Our pool, spa and fitness center are run by heimishe certified professionals with years of industry experience. We expect all patrons to maintain an honorable decorum and respect all of our Facility rules and regulations 


In regard to popular vote, a strict modesty code has been regulated at our facility.¬† All guests are expected to wear modest attire and we’ve set a special standard of music that is suitable for the community.¬† All rules and regulations are strictly enforced at all times.

Disclaimer: The Vibes Center retains permission to evict any guests that do not abide to our rules and regulations. Members and guests are required to present a photo ID when registering for programs, purchasing/renewing memberships, or purchasing Guest Passes. Guests must sign a waiver of liability for each one-visit guest pass purchased. Guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult chaperone and provide a parent or guardian signature for waiver. Chaperones are responsible for the behavior of their guest and must be present when guest passes are purchased.

*Chaperone services available by third party. Call our office to inquire

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