Fitness Classes

daytimeinstructorclass typestudio
sunday9:45 amMerylBootcampThis power packed full body interval style workout combines cardiovascular moves and drills with strength training. Options for all levels!b
sunday10:15 amHeidiBarre PilatesTarget each and every muscle group with dynamic strength moves, isometric holds, and deep muscle work. Core and flexibility exercises complete this workout.a
sunday11:15 amFeigyIsraeli DanceThis inspiring fun-filled dance class will leave you feeling sweaty, energetic, and invigorated!a
sunday11:15 amHeidiYoga FlowStrengthen your mind, body, and soul as you flow through a series of yoga poses, drawing on the breath as your inner source of power. All levels.c
monday9:30 amJennyMetabolic StrengthImprove your strength and endurance in this full body workout that targets upper body, lower body, and core.a
monday9:30 pmAmyBalls, Bands and more! Interval training to the max! Balls, bands, and other
equipment will sculpt your body and build muscle (45 minutes).
monday10:30 amFeigyIsraeli Dancea
monday10:45 amEllenZumbaChallenge your core and burn calories while grooving to the beat in this exhilarating dance inspired workout.b
monday12:30 pmJennyBarre Pilatesa
tuesday9:30 amJoyPilates FusionA mat Pilates workout fused with dance moves. Strengthen your core while working every muscle group. A flexibility segment at the end will leave you feeling refreshed!b
tuesday10:00 amFrummyPower HourYou will never get bored with this powerful workout! Each class will incorporate a different format which will keep you energized and fit!a
tuesday10:00 amRivkaYoga Flowc
tuesday10:30 amJoyKick FitPunch and Kick your way to fitness in this martial arts inspired workout. Feel the cardio burn while targeting every muscle group.b
tuesday11:00 amFeigyIsraeli Dancea
tuesday8:00 pmSarahVinyasa YogaThis class is designed to transition students towards more dynamic yoga. Focus is on fundamental yoga conditioning, strength, and flexibility. All levels. Prior yoga experience is helpful.c
tuesday8:30 pmShaynaPunchbag Kickbox
This class combines martial arts techniques with fast paced cardio. Use of the punch bags will build stamina, improve coordination and flexibility, and build lean muscle.
wednesday9:30 amAriellaZumbaa
wednesday9:45 amHennyCardio Dance FusionThis fun-filled cardio dance class combines various types of
dance for a great workout (45 minutes).
wednesday10:30 amJennyPilatesThis mat based class promotes core strength, stability, and flexibility with an emphasis on position and body alignment.a
wednesday10:30 amAmyTotal Body ConditioningWork your total body, muscles, and heart with a focus on strength training. You will leave this class feeling strong and powerful!b
thursday9:30 amEllen20/20/20This exciting full body workout includes 20 minutes of three fun formats: Zumba, body sculpting and Pilates.b
thursday10:00 amTziriEmbodied Yoga & MeditationThis unique yoga experience focuses on breath, becoming centered throughout every muscle in your body, flow, movement, and breathing. Calming meditation completes this relaxing experience. All levels.c
thursday10:15 amFeigyIsraeli Dancea
thursday10:30 amTiffanyStep and SculptBuild strength and burn body fat with this total body workout that combines basic step choreography with weights and your own body weight.b
friday9:30 amAriellaZumbab
friday9:45 amJennyHiit (75 min)This challenging class combines high energy intervals of cardio kickboxing and strengthening exercises for upper and lower body conditioning.a
friday10:00 amDevorahPower YogaYoga flow incorporating strengthening and stretching.c
friday10:45 amFrummyPower Hourb